Which Should I Choose?

If you’ve never used one before, we know it can seem quite daunting trying to choose a motorhome that’s best for you. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to compare models online, with our listings page and icons of whats included with each motorhome.
To choose a motorhome that suits your needs, here are the few key points to consider.


How many people are going away

To put it simply, the more people that are going away in the motorhome, the bigger the berth you’ll need. The berth of a motorhome is determined by the number of seatbelts. For example, a motorhome with four seatbelts is listed as a four-berth motorhome.
Many of our motorhomes will have room to sleep more people than the berth it is listed as. Our four-berth motorhome (with four seatbelts) might actually be able to sleep 5 people in. We base the berth on seatbelts, rather than beds, as all passengers are legally required to wear a seatbelt whilst travelling.


Your preferred sleeping arrangement

We have a variety of layouts throughout our fleet of motorhomes, with various combinations of double and single beds. It is good to think about where you would all like to sleep during the trip and this should help you when choosing a motorhome.
Would your teenager be happy to bunk up in a double bed with their younger sibling? Maybe bunk beds or separate single beds is a better option. Would you prefer not to have to pack away your bedding each day? Choose a motorhome with a fixed bed. Do you have mobility issues that require a low bed? A french bed model might be the best option.


The journey and destination

We’re not just being nosy here, honest. Where you’re going might impact what kind of motorhome you’d like to hire. For example, if you’re planning a road-trip to Cornwall you will likely venture down a lot of narrow, winding lanes. So, we’ll make sure you have a compact motorhome that will whiz around those bends with ease.