What if I forget how to do something?

Motorhomes can seem a bit daunting and you may have some trepidation about learning how to operate it: how do I work the central heating? How much toilet chemical do I need? 

Before you take the motorhome away, we will spend up to an hour with you running through how everything on the motorhome works, both inside and out. We will give you driving tips and impart as much of our years of experience as we can before you head off on holiday.

There is comprehensive user manual in the motorhome with photos and instructions that covers everything that we have gone through in the handover. In there is also a telephone number you can call if you have any technical question or something has gone wrong.

The other main source of help is your neighbours on the campsite! They usually love having the opportunity to share with you their 32 years of motorhoming experience.

If in doubt, please call us. No matter the time of day, we are here to help you get the best out of your motorhome adventure.