We’re Good To Go: The Covid-19 Industry Standard

We have been adjusting and updating our techniques and policies as the latest news is released with the best Covid practices in order to stay inline with the ever changing scenario we find ourselves in. For this reason (and others) we have become a proud member of the Visit England’s “We’re good to go” scheme in and with this in mind we are excited to carry on our business in a safe and secure way for all those involved from clients to our team members.

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The ‘We’re Good To Go’ mark is given to businesses in the self-catering and accommodation industry that are adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance and have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and have the required processes in place.

How we are keeping compliant to Covid-19 regulations
and the “We’re Good To Go” mark

As everyone adjusts to the new normal that is 2020 we have introduced some key policy changes in the way we run our base, handover vans and do our best to ensure the safety of those involved. We have completed risk assessments around cleaning, preparation, wearing PPE and honouring social distancing rules.

Ever since our inception we have taken pride in the cleanliness of the motorhome hire we provide, but with Covid we have taken this even further. In between each and every hire, the motorhome will receive a full and complete anti-bacterial and anti-viral clean by our team. No surface is left unturned!

Every few weeks our motorhomes will be “fogged” with a dry anti-viral mist that penetrates even further into every section of the motorhome – this mist is both people and pet friendly so it remains safe for use after it has passed.

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Instead of hand washing all of our items inbetween hires all of our kitchen equipment is now put through a hot dishwasher cycle in order to be sure, then removed and placed into a sealed plastic container to ensure that it is not contaminated. Once you arrive in the motorhome, you can unload the box and place everything into the cupboards. This procedure ensures minimal contact with the surfaces and items that will be used by you during your hire.

Some companies have gone down the route of disposable cutlery and kitchen equipment but this has a huge negative impact on the environment and can be easily resolved by our new dishwasher system so we have taken a firm stand against the extra waste that would be created.


What does this mean for you?

We would like to say thank you to all those who have supported us, who have been here with us, helped out and given advice. For many small businesses this time has been incredibly disruptive and a difficult challenge. For us this has been an interesting time of change and new challenges to overcome and of course there were times when we were not sure what the final outcome would be.

Once the sun came out and the phones began ringing again we have been working incredibly hard to ensure that we can respond to all of your questions, queries and thoughts. 2020 is the year of the Staycation and being able to travel and explore our own beautiful country and all the corners we never thought to explore.

We are taking bookings both online and over the phone and motorhomes are available to view by appointment only which is another of our Covid Policy guidelines. When arriving to view a motorhome or pick up we ask that you come wearing a mask – surgical mask is preferred but a cloth face covering is acceptable.

Our bookings process has been digitalised with our new online booking system that has been integrated into our site; this is to help protect both you and our team.

More updates and changes will be added to our pages as things develop.

With all of our changes, policy adjustments and guidelines in place we are back in business and able to welcome our first clients back into a motorhome and off to visit this beautiful country.

We wish everyone well and a safe trip where ever the road may take you!


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Coronavirus Updates

The Lastest updates

Our Stoke Golding site has reopened and we have introduced strict measures to ensure the safety of all our clients and staff.

  • Our policy will adapt to the latest government and NHS guidelines

  • Strict social distancing measures are in place and need to be adhered to

  • Hand sanitiser is available at all points of entry and should be used regularly

  • Masks to be worn at all times on the site, whether inside or out.

  • Viewings of the motorhomes are by appointment only – contact us on +441455 560508

  • Once a motorhome is cleaned it will be subjected to anti-viral preparation then sealed shut ready for its next adventure