Does the motorhome have fresh water?

Yes. They all have fresh water tanks from which it is safe to drink. We regularly treat the tanks to keep them clean. Typically, a motorhome has a 120 litre fresh water tank, which equates to about 5 showers. 

The motorhomes also have an on board wastewater tank for the water that drains from the sinks and shower.

Can I drink out of the taps?

Yes, but we’d recommend using a glass. The water in our motorhomes is safe to drink and we treat the water systems regularly. However, the taste of the water will vary, depending on where you fill up. 

Please ensure you always fill up from a safe source of water and that it doesn’t state ’Not for Drinking’ on the tap.

Can I travel with fresh water on board?

Yes. Just be mindful of the additional weight. Also, if the tank is not completely full then the load becomes ‘dynamic’. This means it moves around and could affect the vehicle’s stability on bends.