The habitation area

What is a habitation area?

Habitation, by definition, is the state of living somewhere. So simply put, a habitation area is the part of a motorhome that you live in. Most of our motorhomes are made up of the habitation area, the cab, this is where the driver and passenger seats are, and the garage, which is a big storage space at the back of the motorhome.

Motorhome Kitchens

Does the motorhome have a cooker?

Some of our models have a gas oven and a grill, others have only a grill. Where there is no oven or grill we provide a microwave oven.

Does the motorhome have a hob?

Yes, all of our models have gas hobs. The number of hobs will vary with the size of motorhome.

Can I cook whilst driving?

No! The same rules apply in a motorhome as in a car. You may choose to prepare a sandwich whilst seated and belted in, but you cannot leave your seat whilst the motorhome is in transit.

Motorhome Bathrooms

Do all the motorhomes have a toilet?

Yes, they all have a toilet. We also provide the toilet chemical and explain how to properly use and empty them.

Do all the motorhomes have a shower?

Yes, they all do. Some have separate shower areas in the bathroom and other have a “wet-room” style motorhome bathroom. In our Prestige range, we have motorhomes that have completely separate toilet and shower rooms.

Motorhome Living Areas

Do you provide bedding?

Not as standard, but we can if requested at the time of booking. There is a nominal charge. Please let us know if you require single or double bedding. We can also provide bath towels, hand towels and a tea towel if requested. Requesting bedding is particularly useful if you’re flying into the UK for your holiday. Please contact our team for more information.

Does the motorhome have a TV?

Yes, all our motorhomes are equipped with TVs with integrated DVD players. Some have a TV aerial or facility to connect one to the outside. However, we NEVER promise that you can watch terrestrial TV. Receiving a TV picture in a remote campsite has become increasingly problematic since the move to digital TV. 

Therefore, we suggest you set your Sky+ to record your favourite shows whilst away and bring a pile of DVD’s with you.