Sending your license to us

What driving licence do I need to drive a hire motorhome?

All hire drivers require a full UK driving licence that is clean and been held for 2 years to drive a motorhome. We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.


Watch the video tutorial below on how to download your driver's license from the DVLA website

What you need to do

Click to visit

You will need your driving licence number, NI number and current home post code.
Enter the details as indicated
Tick the ‘I agree’ box and click ‘View Now’
The next page takes you to ‘Your Details’ and shows you your home address registered with DVLA. You can also view your entitlements to drive etc.

Next, click on the far right tab named ‘Get your check code.
Click the green button ‘Get a code’
This will generate a 8 digit code but we do not require this.
Instead, click the link under the unique share code labelled ‘Print or save a driving summary’
This will then prompt you to download and save the pdf of your licence.
Upload this PDF to our ID checking system and we’ll do the rest.