Motorhome Hire Pricing

Simple Motorhome Hire Pricing.

At DJ Motorhome Hire we believe that clear and functional pricing without complication is the easiest way to minimise stress and maximise the holiday memories.

For this reason we have 5 set categories – Low Season, Mid Season, High Season, Glastonbury Festival, and finally Xmas & NY. These categories easily split up the dates and holidays and are visible without confusion or hidden extra charges.

Many other companies charge per berth for their motorhomes but our 6 berth motorhomes have the same value as our 2 berth motorhomes and also have similar operating costs. We find this would be a disadvantage to larger groups or families so we have introduced our pricing like this to help make motorhome holidays more affordable to families.

Our Prices

Low Season

A simple price per day from


1st Jan – 28th Feb
& Dec

A minimum hire fee applies in low season of £375

Mid Season

A simple price per day from


1st Mar – 31st May 1st Oct – 30th Nov

A minimum hire fee applies of 3 days or £465

High Season

A simple price per day from


1st Jun – 30th Sep ‘Inclusive

A minimum hire period applies of 7 days. Shorter hires possible


Glasto' 2022

Limited Availability, from


A fixed rate

Xmas & NY

A simple price per day


Hires over Christmas or New Year

A minimum hire fee applies of 5 days or £900

What does this mean for me?

Better value and a wider choice based on your budget. Simple.

Just because we try our best to keep our prices fair for everyone it does not mean you have to miss out on the extras! We include insurance, breakdown cover, handover explanations, free car parking, cookware, gas bottle, chemical toilet, hookup cable and outdoor tables and chairs in the daily price – Everything you need to make your holiday fantastic is included.

We do have some extras that you can purchase such as adding extra drivers, going to Europe but these are not necessities and we even offer unlimited mileage throughout any holiday in the UK.

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