Places to Visit in Kent

Explore ancient Canterbury, a city that boasts two universities and a wealth of medieval architecture. Visit the UNSECO World Heritage cathedral that stands there, with its Bell Harry Tower making it the tallest landmark in the city. Admire a place steeped in history as you view the Perpendicular-style nave with marvellous fan vaulting at the crossing, the sublime 14th-century choir screen, the 14th and 15th-century cloisters, beautiful Romanesque side chapels and stained-glass windows dating from the 12th century.

Take a romantic walk around Brooklands Lake in Dartfood – a 28 acre lake ringed by trees and reeds. The lake has an abundance of fish, including carp, pike, bream, eel, perch, rudd and roach, so it is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful morning fishing. Browse colourful market stalls in Gillingham – from food to wares – and find yourself a treat. Head to Leeds Castle in Kent, dubbed the “loveliest castle in the world”, to soak up its history. Once a Norman stronghold, a royal residence and a royal palace, this castle is situated in a stunning location, set on two islands in a magnificent lake. Enjoy a lazy afternoon picnic as you drink in the beautiful view.

Explore the secluded South Foreland Lighthouse in Chatham and learn of the dark history behind its creation. Built in 1943, the lighthouse was painted a bright white to mark the dangerous offshore banks of the Goodwin Sands – also known as the Great Ship Swallower shore, thanks to the 2,000 ships that had been swallowed in the shore’s quicksand. The notoriously dangerous Goodwin Sands are even mentioned in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’! Discover the rotating optic that was installed in 1904 and still works perfectly to this day, or take a tour to learn of the exciting innovations that came with the construction of this fascinating lighthouse.

View over 20 vivid species of orchid at the Kent Downs in Ashford. Kent Downs is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which offers dramatic views, vibrant communities, a rich historic and cultural heritage and diverse wildlife and habitats that make it perfect for the travelling adventurer. Head to the stunning White Cliffs of Dover – one of England’s most iconic natural features. Learn of the fascinating military and penal history of the cliffs. Walk the dramatic cliff-top and savour rare flora and fauna that is unique to the area while you take in unrivalled views of the busy English Channel and French Coast from a staggering height.

South Forelands Lighthouse with a couple of people standing in front of it
South Forelands Lighthouse
The towers of Canterbury Cathedral at dawn
Canterbury Cathedral
A stream in Brooklands Lake
Brooklands Lake

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