Places to Visit in East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire is home to a wealth of rich history, lush landscapes and beautiful architecture. Rent one of our motorhomes and enjoy unlimited access to this beautiful country as you embark on the perfect motorhome adventure.

Head to the historic city of Hull, where you can take in Georgian and Edwardian architecture. Check out a life-size woolly mammoth at the East Riding Museum of Archaeology. Trave the acclaimed poet Phillip Larkin’s footsteps around Hull on the Larkin Trail, exploring where he lived and where he was inspired to write his greatest works. Head to the Maritime Museum and watch the history of this sea-faring city come alive in the beautifully structured Victorian Dock Offices in Queen Victoria Square. Or if you prefer aquatics, then head to The Deep to wander around the extensive exhibits of marine life – whether it is watching sharks swim or the mesmerising ocean-drifting jellyfish.

Head to the Yorkshire Wolds Way for 79 miles of walking routes through some of the most tranquil and gentle countryside in England. The chalk hills have been shaped over millions of years into a combination of hidden and lush green dry chalk valleys and wide-open field tops, where the views are endless. Delve into Bridlington, where you can find the perfect camping spot among its many sandy beaches, award-winning promenades and historic harbour. Visit the funfair and entertain yourself with amusement park rides and donkey rides or simply enjoy a traditional day out on the beach.

Head to the picturesquely Gothic streets of Beverley and admire its towering gothic minster, St Mary’s Church, and Georgian townhouses as you wander through pretty market squares. Enjoy the vast grassy expanse of the Westwood pasture and woodlands. Place bets on a horse race in the town’s popular thoroughbred horse racing venue.

The woolly mammoth at the East Riding Museum of Archaeology
Woolly Mammoth at East Riding Museum of Archaeology
A view of the fields in Yorkshire Wolds Way
Yorkshire Wolds Way
A vintage house in Beverley

What to do in East Yorkshire With Your Motorhome