Places to Visit in Durham

Durham’s abundance of thriving wildlife, world heritage sites and beautiful countryside make this the ideal location for a relaxing motorhome holiday, filled with stunning views.

Set up camp by the twenty-acre Drinkfield Marsh Nature Reserve and take in the beautiful surroundings of a large lake bordered by reed and bullrush. Stand on the living willow pier for a closer look of the lake’s inhabitants. Watch wintering wildfowl or song birds flit about the glittering lake. Keep an eye open for water shrew, the protected great crested newt and water voles – whatever your animal interests, there is an abundance of wildlife at the aptly named nature reserve. Take a leisurely stroll along the network of footpaths which allow wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to explore a mosaic of habitats – from wildflower meadows to woodland.

Visit Hartlepool Marina to take in its award-winning centrepiece: the Historic Quay – a faithful reproduction of an 18th century seaport. Get a feel for what life was like at the time of Nelson and Trafalgar as you wander around the harbour. Admire the Trincomalee – Europe’s oldest floating warship and the centrepiece of the Historic Quay. Enjoy the excitement of the adventure and be transported back through time as you take in the sights, smells and sounds of the naval yesteryear.

Escape to the wet grasslands and open pools of RSPB Saltholme to explore the reserve’s vast panoramic views and industrial backdrop. Enjoy watching massive flocks of birds of all different species roosting or flying over the reserve. Go pond dipping in the summer months, find a bench in the tranquil wildlife garden or venture out to the far reaches of the reserve for some quiet relaxation time with nature.

Visit Billingham Beck Park in Stockton-on-Tees to see expansive wildflower meadows, reed beds, ponds, marsh and woodlands – a diverse array of landscapes that make this place amazing to explore at any time of the year. Enjoy the sight of vibrantly coloured butterflies as they flit about. Follow the park’s extensive network of footpaths as they criss-cross the region and take you out into the stunning countryside.

A lake in Drinkfield Marsh Nature Reserve
Drinkfield Marsh Nature Reserve
People on the Hartlepool Historic Quay
Hartlepool Historic Quay
A field in Billingham Beck Park
Billingham Beck Park

What to do in Durham With Your Motorhome