Places to Visit in Cheshire

Rent one of our motorhomes in Cheshire and enjoy stunning countryside views alongside rich history. Explore Risley Moss, the remnants of the boggy landscape created at the end of the last ice age. Imagine what the British landscape once looked like as you wander through a beautiful expanse of mossy woodlands covered in fungi and wildflowers. Stroll through beautiful meadows as you enjoy the peaceful sound of a landscape teeming with wildlife. Head to the Rixton Claypits and look out for the protected Great Crested Newts that call this place home. Follow well-maintained paths to explore the beautiful ponds, wildflower meadows and woodland that this place has to offer. Browse stalls of local produce at Cheshire’s market towns, sample the local delicacy – Cheshire Farm ice cream – or find a cosy pub to enjoy drinks over dinner with some friends. Spend a lazy afternoon on the lake or exploring the splendid gardens of Queens Park in Crewe. Drive over to the Lymm Dam and enjoy a picnic by the canal or follow the Trans Pennine Trail for stunning local walks that are rich with wildlife. Take a bike along the trail which cuts through the town of Widnes for an off-road adventure that will offer views of quaint countryside, villages, crumbling castles, glittering canals and more.

Lovers of history, head to the 4,000-year-old Beeston Castle – one of the most dramatically sited medieval castles in England – and enjoy stunning panoramic views from the Pennines to the Welsh mountains as you travel back through time. Unearth the 900-year history of Norton Priory in Runcorn as you explore the 12th century undercroft with its beautiful vaulted ceiling. Stroll through the museum’s surrounding woodlands as you discover secret summer houses, sculptures and an enchanting stream glade. Wander the priory ruins and imagine a time where the medieval buildings once stood tall. Learn stories of the people who once lived here as you take in thousands of displays at the most excavated monastic site in Europe.

A gish statue at Risley Moss
Risley Moss
An aerial view of Queens Park in Crewe
Queens Park, Crewe
Road leading up to Beeston Castle
Beeston Castle

What to do in Cheshire With Your Motorhome