Places to Visit in Buckinghamshire

For a relaxing motorhome holiday, head to Amersham’s Little Chalfont Nature Park and stroll through beautiful wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands that stretch on for days. Drive your motorhome to Caledecotte Lake in Milton Keynes for a lazy afternoon picnic while you soak up the beautiful lakeside scenery. Enjoy relaxing by the water as you discover a world of wildlife that call the serene waters of this lake home. On the southern shoreline, waterfowl, dragonflies and damselflies thrive in this sanctuary. Take a tour around the lake, soaking up the incredible panoramic views of swathes of countryside while you walk. Imagine what once existed here as, famous for the huge Ichthyosaur skeleton discovered there, this stunning lake has an interesting history to bolster its beauty.

For the thrill seekers, take part in sports by the lake, from abseiling and archery to water zorbing and wind surfing – there is something for everyone to get stuck into. Get your heart racing when you watch Formula One Cars speed by on Grand Prix circuits. If that’s not enough, head over to High Wycombe, where you can find the hellfire caves. The gnarled, winding passages of the caves were once home to a free-spirited society of pagans who practiced Bohemianism but are now ranked one of the scariest caves in the world. Head to Great Missenden, where the famous Roald Dahl spent his days. See the world through his eyes as you imagine what might have inspired The Witches or The BFG.

An entrance to Hellfire Caves
Hellfire Caves
A couple of houses in Great Missenden
Great Missenden
An aerial view of Caledecotte Lake
Caledecotte Lake

What to do in Buckinghamshire With Your Motorhome