What driving licence do I need to drive a hire motorhome?

All hire drivers require a full UK driving licence that is clean and been held for 2 years to drive a motorhome. We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.

Do I need a C1 licence?

To drive a motorhome over 3500kg you do need a C1 licence. However, the vast majority of our motorhomes can be driven on a standard car licence. You do not need a C1 entitlement. Please ask for clarification at time of enquiry.

I don’t have a driving licence photo-card, is this a problem?

If you passed your driving test before 1997 it is possible that you have only a paper driving licence. This is still a valid form of ID but we will require a form of official photo ID, too. This could be your passport. If you passed your test after 1997, your paper licence is no longer valid and you should apply for a photo-card licence.

I have a non-UK foreign driving licence, is this okay?

Yes. We will need a copy plus an additional form of photo ID, such as your passport and a form of address ID, such as a utility bill. Please note that an increase in insurance excess applies to some non-EU countries.

I have some points on my licence. Is this a problem?

You may still be able to hire a motorhome with points on your license. Let us know the details and we can advise. There are certain endorsements that our insurers will not cover – particularly drink driving.