How long can I go for?

Most of our customer go away for a weekend, a week or two and some for a month. These timings are no problem and you just need to enquire about your dates through the website. Our mission is to give you a motorhome experience that you’ll never forget, so whatever your dreams are and however long you want to hire a motorhome for, we will work to make it a reality for you.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, three days. Even if you require a motorhome for just one night, the 3-day charge still applies. Our weekend rate is based on 3 days.  If you want to extend this period, additional day charges apply.

During the school summer holidays we stipulate a minimum 7-day hire with collection on a Friday. However, we can be very flexible with this so don’t hesitate to ask! This tends to be around June, when we are busy and have smaller gaps between longer hires. So, if you are flexible and can book late, then please do get in touch.

Short-term motorhome hire

It’s possible to hire a motorhome for just a few days at a time if the dates are available. For these short-term hires a minimum hire charge will apply. The limit and pricing of this charge depends on which motorhome you would like and what time of year you’re hoping to go.
All information about minimum hire charges can be found on our pricing page.

Long-term motorhome hire

Looking to go on a motorhome road-trip through Europe? Do it! We welcome all your adventurous plans and will work to make them possible. Any hires longer than 28 days will need to be worked out with our team, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.