Getting around whilst on holiday

Motorhomes are designed for travelling around and exploring. Sometimes though, you want to stay a little longer to explore the local area. This begs the question, do you pack up the motorhome each time you want to go out for the day?

There are other options for getting around whilst on holiday in a motorhome.


All of our motorhomes have either a bike rack or garage for storage so you can take your bikes with you whenever you like. The key thing is doing some research about your site and what the terrain looks like between there and where you want to go. Especially if you’re hoping for a short ride in the morning to pick up more milk.

Please talk to us if you are planning to take electric bikes away with you. A garage is the best place to store them as they are often too heavy for the bike racks on the back of motorhomes and can be a huge safety issue.

Buses and public transport

It can be quite handy to choose a campsite that is on a local bus route if you’re worried about getting around whilst you’re away. Again, research is key! 

Public transport in rural areas isn’t always the most reliable. It might be useful to ring up the campsite to check bus availability.

Extra cars

We wouldn’t recommend this for long journeys or road trips. Motorhome holidays are supposed to be experienced together – that’s quite hard when someone is driving around separately. But if you’re hiring a motorhome, not travelling too far from us and are staying in one place for the duration of your holiday then it might be useful having an extra vehicle.

This is also an option if you’re hiring a motorhome that has less seatsbelts than beds. For example, some of our 4 berth motorhomes (4 seatbelts) actually sleep 5 or 6 people, so instead of hiring a bigger motorhome, a few people could drive separately and still sleep in the motorhome.

How do I reserve my pitch if I go off for the day?

If you do decide not to take any extra transport and pack up the motorhome each time you go out for the day, then you’ll need to think about your pitch. It can sometimes be a challenge when you return! 

Some people make a little sign or leave something of little value on the pitch indicating that it is taken. The campsite reception or wardens often manage this, but on smaller sites this isn’t the case.