Gas and electric

Does the motorhome have heating?

Yes, and they are toasty warm! If you are planning a winter adventure then talk to us about the best motorhome for your destination. We have had customers go skiing in -18 degrees and sit in the motorhomes in short sleeves!

May I use the motorhome without an electricity ‘hook-up’?

Yes. Our motorhomes all have heating and cooking systems that run off the integral gas. Electricity hook-up on campsites means the batteries charge, and the electrical sockets in the motorhomes work. In some motorhomes, you’ll need this if you wish to use the TV and DVD. It is possible to camp for a few days without electricity hook-up and operate purely on the battery power. 

Please ask our team for more advice, if required.

How long can I stop without electricity?

This is known as ‘wild camping’. The motorhome systems are all 12v. So, if you stop without hooking up to mains 230v electricity, everything will still work EXCEPT the mains sockets. The lights, the water pump, the heating and the fridge all work without electricity. 

You can survive like this for several days, which is ideal if you’re at Glastonbury or exploring the wilds of Scotland!

Do the electric sockets work all the time?

As mentioned above, they work ONLY when you plug the motorhome into mains. Our most frequently asked question from holidaymakers whilst away is, “How do I get my hair straighteners to work?” It’s true! For them to work – assuming they are on a mains plug – the motorhome MUST be plugged into the campsite’s mains electricity, thus making the sockets live. 

There is no magic inverter to create 230v from the 12v battery. We know it’s obvious, but it’s easily forgotten!

Do you supply the electric hook-up cable?

Yes! We will provide your electric hook-up cable. If you are planning to connect up to a house, please tell us, as we will provide you with an adapter. We do not permit using a generator. These can cause damage to the motorhome electrics, which will result in the loss of your deposit.

How does fridge work when we are travelling?

The fridges work on gas, 12v from the engine alternator and mains. Often the fridge will automatically choose the power source available. 

We will issue training as part of the handover and instructions in written form are also provided.