Our Vans For Sale

At DJ Motorhome Hire we rigidly stick to our policy to only hire out motorhomes of less than 2 seasons use and/or less than 25,000 miles on the clock. Consequently we regularly refresh our fleet and have vehicles that we are happy to sell to other campervan enthusiasts. All of our “pre-loved” motorhomes are maintained in the excellent condition internally and externally that our customers expect from us, carry unexpired warranties and represent extremely good value.

In addition, we occasionally “over-stock” and have a small number of brand new vehicles that we are able to sell at very attractive prices.

If you would like us to alert you when our ex-hire vehicles go on sale (normally October), please drop us a line to hello@djmotorhomehire.co.uk and we can contact you when they do.

Van 1 for Sale


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