Frequently Asked Questions

I want to hire a motorhome

Do all campsites admit motorhomes?

Different campsites have different rules depending on the style of pitch they allocate to a motorhome and the length of the vehicle. The overwhelming majority of campsites will accommodate most vehicles but it is always worth informing the campsite of the length of the motorhome when booking.

How do I find a site?

Google it
One place to start is Google Maps. Simply type your chosen destination followed by “camping”. You should get a list of results organised by distance and how relative it is to your search. This is great if you want to find a campsite close to a specific attraction or landmark you want to visit, for example: Corfe Castle camping.

Use Campsite Directories
Pitchup allows you to search your location, pitch type and dates, with a directory of over 2,000 UK campsites to choose from. You can compare campsites and book through their website, or redirect to the campsite’s own site.


Search for sites, originally an offline database, is great for finding not only campsites, but stopover places for motorhomers too. Stopovers tend to be pub car parks or other pieces of private land that the owners open up for motorhomes to stay temporarily. Most commonly, you’ll find you are free to stay the night as long as you pop in and spend a few pounds on a drink and dinner in the pub. There are lots of other directories out there, so if you’re feeling stuck just ask! We can help you with some suggestions to get you started.

Motorhome Hire Memberships
We also give you membership of ACSI which is useful if you’re venturing abroad to the rest of Europe. On their partner website EuroCampings you can search for sites with particular facilities. So if you are looking for a site with a Tropical swimming paradise that allows dogs in high season, the ACSI can help you.

In addition, all of our vehicles are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme and you can use their online directory to find sites and you can give them a call to make a booking.

What is the Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Privilege Scheme?

The Camping and Caravanning Club boasts 110 UK Club sites, including sixteen “Camping in the Forest” sites across six forests, all of which you’ll be able to visit when you book your adventure with Motorhome Holiday Company. It entitles the motorhome user to use any club site at a reduced membership fee. Visit their website for full details of the privilege scheme

Do you have any recommended routes?

We can certainly help with this from our own extensive knowledge and first hand experience. We have motorhome holiday experience throughout the UK and across Europe, so please do ask for help and tips. You can also check out our blog for inspiration, customer stories and other motorhome need-to-know information.

How much are pitch fees?

It really depends on what sort of campsite and the time of year. A remote farm site with few facilities will be cheaper than a popular Haven Holidays site near a beach with club, bar and swimming pool. Typically, smaller sites are anything from £10 to £20 per night whilst bigger sites are up to £100 per night. We suggest budgeting around £35 in the summer.

On the continent there are lots of locations known as ‘Aires’ where you can stay. You’ll find plenty of Aires guidebooks on Amazon.

Something to keep in mind when choosing your campsite; it’s good to make sure you are on a bus route or have a level cycle ride in to town. Doing so means you won’t have to pack up the motorhome each time you want to pop out for your loaf of bread, milk and favourite beer to enjoy that evening.


Motorhome holiday campsite alternatives

What attracts most people to motorhoming is the freedom of going anywhere, anytime. What could be more free than venturing off-grid and going somewhere a little more wild? Motorhome stopovers and wild camping are great alternatives to campsites and can provide a completely new experience to your motorhome holiday.

Where can I stop overnight?

In Scotland, the right to roam entitles you to stop anywhere legal. However, throughout England and Wales this is not the case and not recommended. Many laybys and car parks are privately owned or the parish council will not allow overnight stopping. Please use common sense. If it feels unsafe, it probably is. We recommend using established campsites or approved overnight motorhome stopover spots – sometimes called Aires.

What is a motorhome stopover?

Motorhome stopovers, known as Aires, are mostly public parking areas or private land where motorhome and campervan users may stop overnight for free or for a small fee. Motorhome stopovers symbolise the freedom of motorhoming. You can meet locals and stay overnight at unique locations available only to motorhome travellers. Motorhomes can often stay overnight or longer depending on terms and conditions specified. In the UK many pubs, b&b’s and hotels welcome motorhome stopovers and only ask that you pop in for some food and a pint whilst you’re there. Search for sites is a great place to search for a motorhome stopover ahead of time.

Wild Camping

Wild camping laws vary throughout most European countries, so we advice doing some research on your destination’s Government website for clarity. In most European countries it is not against the law for you to sleep in a public place in your motorhome. But while there might be no camping ban, many countries, including the UK, have local laws that prohibit camping and stoping overnight in particular areas. Keep an eye out for signs that say no overnight camping or vehicles – these should always be obeyed. The most important thing is to respect the interests of others, care for the environment and take responsibility for your actions. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.

What to pack for a motorhome holiday

What do I need to bring with me?

Based on our own years of motorhome holidays, we’ve produced our suggested checklist of items that you might consider packing. This takes into account the essential things we include in our motorhome hire, like plates, cutlery and cleaning supplies, leaving you more space to pack the fun stuff, like water pistols, BBQs and wine. We’ve even created a downloadable checklist that you can print, so you can tick off the items as you go!

The Motorhome Holiday Packing Checklist

ESSENTIALS Money & Cards Passports and Licenses Keys (inc. bicycle locks) Campsite Information Tickets/Itinerary Maps CLOTHES Warm Jumper Thermals T-shirts Trousers Shorts Underwear Pyjamas Socks Walking Boots Sandals Waterproof Gloves Hats (for sun or cold) Sunglasses Swimming Costume Beach & Bath Towels Rucksack Dirty Laundry Bag ELECTRONICS Batteries Chargers Car Adaptors Camera Hair Dryer (12v) Phones /iPods /iPads Sat Nav TOILETRIES Toothbrush/Toothpaste Shower Gel Shampoo/Conditioner Deodorant Hand Sanitiser Sun Cream Lip Balm Razor Hairbrush Tweezers Toilet Rolls Wet Wipes First Aid Kit Medicines Sewing Kit Earplugs Insect Repellent COOKING Barbecue Cool Box Freeze Blocks Picnic Blanket Food Bags Tupperware Thermos Flask Water Bottles Water Purification Tablets Lighters/Matches Cooking Oil Food Condiments Herbs & Spices Favourite Drinks Travel Sweets SLEEPING Duvet/Sleeping Bag Pillows Bed Sheet Blanket ENTERTAINMENT Cards Board Games Puzzles Pens, Pencils & Paper Books DVDs Binoculars Bicycles Water Pistols Frisbee Kites Sports Equipment Wetsuits Bucket and spades MISC. Gazebo Wind Break Groundsheet Clothes Pegs & Line Washing Detergent Umbrella Bucket Torches Multi-tool Mallet Duct Tape String PET SUPPLIES Lead Collar Bowls Food Treats Toys and balls Poo Bags Medicine Emergency Vet Details



All our motorhomes have a garage large enough to fits bikes or a bike rack fitted to the rear. Bike rides are a great way to explore your destination and get the whole family out together, so we always advise taking them along! They are also very useful if you’re planning on staying in one spot for a while during your holiday. When you need to pop out to grab some milk for your morning coffee, instead of having to pack up the motorhome to drive into town you can just hop on your bike. That’s also why we usually recommend finding a campsite that is close to some trails or cycle paths.

Collecting Your Hire Motorhome

Where do I collect the motorhome?

You will collect from our main site located just outside of Stoke Golding, CV13 6JJ. In some circumstances we can be flexible with the pickup location, so don’t hesitate to ask us.

What are your collection and return times?

These vary and we try to work with you on this. Unlike some other rental companies, we don’t have set days for handing over either so you are not tied in to booking whole weeks, when you might only want a vehicle for four days. During bank holidays and school summer holidays we request a Friday afternoon collection. There is some flexibility depending on availability. Returns are usually Friday mornings based on a week’s hire. Through the rest of the year we can facilitate more flexibility with returns on Sunday afternoon before 6pm (later than 6pm is subject to a fee) or Monday mornings before 10am.

We also get many customers booking 10 day breaks, which gives us 4 day gaps at the end of their booking that are available. So it is always worth contacting us to see if the dates you want are available. If you are hiring for additional days we will discuss, agree and detail on your hire agreement the collection and return times. It is very important you note this and are on time. Being early or late has an impact on you, our team and our other customers. Please keep us fully informed and discuss any change.

May I collect on a day other than a Friday?

Whilst we prefer Friday collections, for most of the year we are able to be fairly flexible. During our peak periods (summer and Christmas) we need to be fairly strict with our Friday collections due to the volume of bookings and turnaround. That said, we will try to accommodate your needs, so please do ask.

I am looking to arrive by air or rail. How do I get to you?

We offer free pick up from local travel hubs and would be happy to collect you. Please get in contact for further details and we can discuss the exact logistics so please ask- and remember to save packing space and book bedding!

I’m driving to you to collect my motorhome. Can I leave my car with you during my hire?

Yes, and it’s free to do so. We have secure car parking with CCTV. We ask that you leave your keys with us for the duration of the hire. Whilst we cannot accept any liability for damage to or theft from your vehicle, we will ensure it is parked safely.

Motorhome seatbelt laws and speed limits

Speed Limits

There are different restrictions for vehicles weighing up to 3050kg and those weighing over 3050kg. Motorhomes, campervans and caravans with an unladen weight of up to 3050kg and no more than 8 passenger seats have the same speed limits as cars:
  • Single Carriageways: 60mph
  • Dual Carriageways: 70mph
  • Motorways: 70mph
Motorhomes, campervans and caravans with an unladen weight of greater than 3050kg or more than 8 passenger seats:
  • Single Carriageways: 50mph
  • Dual Carriageways: 60mph
  • Motorways: 70mph
As most of our motorhomes have an unladen weight of under 3050kg, the speed limits are the same as those for cars. Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team to clarify.


Motorhome seatbelt laws differ depending on the manufacture date of the motorhome. As all of our motorhomes are shiny and new, they adhere to the laws of motorhomes manufactured after 2006. This means that the motorhome must have seatbelts for all designated travel seats in the vehicle and all passengers are required to use the seatbelts while the motorhome is in transit. It is also important to remember that side facing seats cannot be designated travel seats.

Child seats fit?

All our motorhome fit child seats and are also compatible with ISOfix. Standard 3-point seatbelts are fitted on forward facing seats in the front and rear of the motorhome. 2-point lap seatbelts are fitted on rear facing seats. We always recommend using 3-point seat belts as these tend to be safer and longer to accommodate the child seat. We have ISOfix car seats available to hire so please ask during the booking process. If fitting a rear facing child seat in the front passenger seat then the airbag must be disabled. This can be done in the vehicle’s computer or via the ignition key. Please ask for assistance when collecting your motorhome.

Laws for what you can’t do whilst driving a motorhome

Move around the motorhome: all passengers must remain seated with their seatbelt on whilst the motorhome is in transit. No ifs, no buts. Cook: if you can’t leave your seat, it should be self-explanatory that you also can’t get up to cook. But this is especially important to highlight as hot items on the stove in a moving vehicle is a very dangerous idea. Use the toilet: as convenient as it is to have a toilet on the road with you, because of seatbelt laws you cannot get up our of your seat to use the toilet whilst driving. You will need to stop at the next convenient place. Tow in the outside lane: if you’re towing a trailer or car behind your motorhome, or you’re towing a caravan behind any vehicle, you are not allowed use the outside lane of a motorway. Leave the engine running: although you’re not technically driving for this law, it’s an important one to remember. Whether this is during a stop on your journey or to try and warm up the motorhome in the morning, you cannot leave the engine running and leave the driver’s seat. The law states that you must be in control of your vehicle at all times when the engine is running, whether others are in the vehicle or not.

Motorhome Fuel

What fuel do the motorhomes use?

All our motorhomes use Diesel.

How many miles to the gallon will we get?

Motorhomes are large vehicles that can be surprisingly economical on motorways, providing they are not trying to keep up with vehicles in the overtaking lanes. Fuel economy drops dramatically as speed rises.
The simple answer is that the way you drive really does affect the outcome. Anything from 21mpg to 28mpg is typical. One customer achieved 34mpg and took a photo of the readout to prove it, as they were convinced we wouldn’t believe them!

Motorhome Gas and Electric

Does the motorhome have heating?

Yes, and they are toasty warm! If you are planning a winter adventure then talk to us about the best motorhome for your destination. We have had customers go skiing in -18 degrees and sit in the motorhomes in short sleeves!

May I use the motorhome without an electricity ‘hook-up’?

Yes. Our motorhomes all have heating and cooking systems that run off the integral gas. Electricity hook-up on campsites means the batteries charge, and the electrical sockets in the motorhomes work. In some motorhomes, you’ll need this if you wish to use the TV and DVD. It is possible to camp for a few days without electricity hook-up and operate purely on the battery power. Please ask our team for more advice, if required.

How long can I stop without electricity?

This is known as ‘wild camping’. The motorhome systems are all 12v. So, if you stop without hooking up to mains 230v electricity, everything will still work EXCEPT the mains sockets. The lights, the water pump, the heating and the fridge all work without electricity. You can survive like this for several days, which is ideal if you’re at Glastonbury or exploring the wilds of Scotland!

Do the electric sockets work all the time?

As mentioned above, they work ONLY when you plug the motorhome into mains. Our most frequently asked question from holidaymakers whilst away is, “How do I get my hair straighteners to work?” It’s true! For them to work – assuming they are on a mains plug – the motorhome MUST be plugged into the campsite’s mains electricity, thus making the sockets live. There is no magic inverter to create 230v from the 12v battery. We know it’s obvious, but it’s easily forgotten!

Do you supply the electric hook-up cable?

Yes! We will provide your electric hook-up cable. If you are planning to connect up to a house, please tell us, as we will provide you with an adapter. We do not permit using a generator. These can cause damage to the motorhome electrics, which will result in the loss of your deposit.

How does fridge work when we are travelling?

The fridges work on gas, 12v from the engine alternator and mains. Often the fridge will automatically choose the power source available. We will issue training as part of the handover and instructions in written form are also provided.

Water in Motorhomes

Does the motorhome have fresh water?

Yes. They all have fresh water tanks from which it is safe to drink. We regularly treat the tanks to keep them clean. Typically, a motorhome has a 120 litre fresh water tank, which equates to about 5 showers. The motorhomes also have an on board wastewater tank for the water that drains from the sinks and shower.

Can I drink out of the taps?

Yes, but we’d recommend using a glass. The water in our motorhomes is safe to drink and we treat the water systems regularly. However, the taste of the water will vary, depending on where you fill up. Please ensure you always fill up from a safe source of water and that it doesn’t state ’Not for Drinking’ on the tap.

Can I travel with fresh water on board?

Yes. Just be mindful of the additional weight. Also, if the tank is not completely full then the load becomes ‘dynamic’. This means it moves around and could affect the vehicle’s stability on bends.

Motorhome Habitation Areas

What is a habitation area?

Habitation, by definition, is the state of living somewhere. So simply put, a habitation area is the part of a motorhome that you live in. Most of our motorhomes are made up of the habitation area, the cab, this is where the driver and passenger seats are, and the garage, which is a big storage space at the back of the motorhome.

Motorhome Kitchens

Does the motorhome have a cooker?

Some of our models have a gas oven and a grill, others have only a grill. Where there is no oven or grill we provide a microwave oven.

Does the motorhome have a hob?

Yes, all of our models have gas hobs. The number of hobs will vary with the size of motorhome.

Can I cook whilst driving?

No! The same rules apply in a motorhome as in a car. You may choose to prepare a sandwich whilst seated and belted in, but you cannot leave your seat whilst the motorhome is in transit.

Motorhome Bathrooms

Do all the motorhomes have a toilet?

Yes, they all have a toilet. We also provide the toilet chemical and explain how to properly use and empty them.

Do all the motorhomes have a shower?

Yes, they all do. Some have separate shower areas in the bathroom and other have a “wet-room” style motorhome bathroom. In our Prestige range, we have motorhomes that have completely separate toilet and shower rooms.

Motorhome Living Areas

Do you provide bedding?

Not as standard, but we can if requested at the time of booking. There is a nominal charge. Please let us know if you require single or double bedding. We can also provide bath towels, hand towels and a tea towel if requested. Requesting bedding is particularly useful if you’re flying into the UK for your holiday. Please contact our team for more information.

Does the motorhome have a TV?

Yes, all our motorhomes are equipped with TVs with integrated DVD players. Some have a TV aerial or facility to connect one to the outside. However, we NEVER promise that you can watch terrestrial TV. Receiving a TV picture in a remote campsite has become increasingly problematic since the move to digital TV. Therefore, we suggest you set your Sky+ to record your favourite shows whilst away and bring a pile of DVD’s with you.

Motorhome Cabs and Garages

Do you provide a satnav?

At the present time we don’t offer satnav hire, but our Prestige class motorhomes do feature a TomTom or similar device as standard.

How big are the garages?

The size of the motorhome garage depends on the model. Most of our 4 berth and larger motorhomes have garages big enough for bikes and other large items. If you’re not sure which motorhome will have enough storage for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to ask or arrange a viewing.

Do you provide awnings/sun canopies?

Unfortunately not. Some of our motorhomes have them but we tend to not allow their use. They are very easily damaged when left unattended in wind and can seriously damage the motorhome too. This would result in your £1000 security deposit being deducted or lost in full and the next hirer having their holiday affected due to damage. We prefer to make your holiday as certain to be stress free as possible.

What’s in the hire motorhome

On each motorhome page you can see what is included with each motorhome hire, like insurance, bluetooth radios and layout styles. As well this, we list key items included for you to use during your holiday, like kitchen equipment, hand soap and an outdoor table and chairs.We include all the essentials you would need for your holiday so your experience as easy as possible – and to give you more space to pack the fun stuff.

Inventory List

Below is a general inventory list of what you’ll find inside our motorhomes. This list may differ slightly depending on which motorhome you’re going away in and what optional extras you’ve chosen. You might opt to have bedding included in your hire, for example. Or a larger motorhome might have more pans and dinnerware.
CAB, GARAGE AND EXTERNAL Full Tank of Fuel Gas Bottle x 2 – 1 in use and 1 full Hook up cable 25m Water Fill Up Hose Tap connectors – Hose-lock Bike Rack – fitted to most models Outside Table Outside Chairs Levelling Ramps Spirit Level Toilet Chemical
IN THE LIVING AREA LCD Flat Screen TV and DVD – in most models TV Remote Camping & Caravan Club Membership Pack First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Fire Blanket Smoke alarm Mattress Protectors Dust pan and Brush Motorhome User Manual
IN THE KITCHEN Knives Forks Spoons Tea Spoons Cutlery Tray Bowls Small Plates Dinner Plates Mugs Egg Cups Tall Glasses Wine Glasses Corkscrew Bottle Opener Can Opener Cheese Grater 3 x Sharp Knives Scissors Cooking Utensils Potato Masher Chopping Board 3 x Saucepans 1 x Frying Pan 2 x Oven Trays – if there is an oven Sieve Measuring Jug Cafetière Gas Lighter Electric Kettle Gas Kettle Electric Toaster
COMPLEMENTARIES Toilet Chemical 1 x Toilet Roll Hand soap Washing up Liquid Washing up Sponge J-Cloth Multi Surface Cleaner Teabags Coffee Sugar Cling Film Silver Foil Waste Bin Liners
OPTIONAL EURO KIT Mains Hook‐Up Adapter (Europe) Headlight beam adapters Hi-vis vests for all passengers Warning triangle Spare bulb kit Vehicle paperwork pack Rear GB s

Icon Guide

We’ve created our icon guide as a simple way of showing you the complete motorhome specification, so that you know exactly what is included before you book. Here is a complete run-down of each icon and what it means:


Arriving at campsites in a motorhome

If you’ve never been away in a recreational vehicle before, it might be a bit daunting knowing what to do when you arrive at a campsite in a motorhome. Here is our step by step guide for you to get set up properly and ready for that first cuppa overlooking the view.

1. Check in to reception

Whether you’ve already booked your pitch or not, the first thing to do once you’ve arrived at a campsite in your motorhome is pop in to reception. You can meet the managers, find out what facilities are available and even get some recommendations of places to visit whilst you’re there. Most importantly, most campsites have specific pitches for motorhomes and they prefer to know which one you’ll be staying in. Some campsites have limited opening hours for their reception. If you arrive outside of the opening hours, and you haven’t pre-booked, they may have a sign that tells you to pick a pitch and return during their open hours to pay. These campsites trust you to be responsible when choosing a pitch and be respectful of other campers on the site.

2. Park to escape

Don’t park at the bottom of a hill. If it rains, this is where it will get muddiest and you risk possibly getting stuck. Campsite owners are normally aware of this and they aren’t particularly keen on the idea of lots of people getting stuck on their site. They usually have steps in place to avoid this happening, but it’s important to remember if you’re left to choose your own pitch.

3. Drive forwards or reverse on to the pitch

Although we get asked this quite frequently, it really is entirely up to you. We advise to consider the following:
  • Which side does the habitation/caravan door open? We suggest opening out onto the widest part of the pitch. This gives you plenty of space for setting up the breakfast table outside and lounging around without having to walk to the other side of the motorhome.
  • Which side has the best view? There’s nothing better than opening up your motorhome door in the morning to overlook a gorgeous sunrise.
  • What is the pitch gradient? The motorhome generally sits lower on the front axle, which means it slopes forwards toward the cab when parked. This can be addressed with the levelling ramps we provide, but it helps to take the pitch gradient into account.

4. Level up

We provide levelling ramps with your motorhome hire

5. Hook up

6. Find your water

7. Put the kettle on and relax

Getting around whilst on holiday

Motorhomes are designed for travelling around and exploring. Sometimes though, you want to stay a little longer to explore the local area. This begs the question, do you pack up the motorhome each time you want to go out for the day? There are other options for getting around whilst on holiday in a motorhome.


All of our motorhomes have either a bike rack or garage for storage so you can take your bikes with you whenever you like. The key thing is doing some research about your site and what the terrain looks like between there and where you want to go. Especially if you’re hoping for a short ride in the morning to pick up more milk. Please talk to us if you are planning to take electric bikes away with you. A garage is the best place to store them as they are often too heavy for the bike racks on the back of motorhomes and can be a huge safety issue.

Buses and public transport

It can be quite handy to choose a campsite that is on a local bus route if you’re worried about getting around whilst you’re away. Again, research is key! Public transport in rural areas isn’t always the most reliable. It might be useful to ring up the campsite to check bus availability.

Extra cars

We wouldn’t recommend this for long journeys or road trips. Motorhome holidays are supposed to be experienced together – that’s quite hard when someone is driving around separately. But if you’re hiring a motorhome, not travelling too far from us and are staying in one place for the duration of your holiday then it might be useful having an extra vehicle. This is also an option if you’re hiring a motorhome that has less seatsbelts than beds. For example, some of our 4 berth motorhomes (4 seatbelts) actually sleep 5 or 6 people, so instead of hiring a bigger motorhome, a few people could drive separately and still sleep in the motorhome.

How do I reserve my pitch if I go off for the day?

If you do decide not to take any extra transport and pack up the motorhome each time you go out for the day, then you’ll need to think about your pitch. It can sometimes be a challenge when you return! Some people make a little sign or leave something of little value on the pitch indicating that it is taken. The campsite reception or wardens often manage this, but on smaller sites this isn’t the case.

Motorhome accidents and breakdowns

What if I have an accident?

In the unfortunate event of an accident you should call us and we’ll discuss the process. We can recover the motorhome anywhere in Europe and bring it back to the UK. Please note: accidents will result in the loss of, or deduction from, your security deposit. You will be charged only for the cost of the repair.

What happens if I break down?

We provide comprehensive breakdown cover for the UK and Europe. This cover ensures that you have roadside repair and relay to a garage, or can be brought home from anywhere in the UK or Europe.

What if I lose my keys?

Call us immediately! We’ll make sure you get replacement keys as soon as possible. Please remember, there is a charge for lost keys

What happens if I get locked out of the motorhome?

Again, call us immediately and we will do everything in our power to solve the issue for you as quickly as possible.

What if I forget how to do something whilst I’m away?

Motorhomes can seem a bit daunting and you may have some trepidation about learning how to operate it: how do I work the central heating? How much toilet chemical do I need? Before you take the motorhome away, we will spend up to an hour with you running through how everything on the motorhome works, both inside and out. We will give you driving tips and impart as much of our years of experience as we can before you head off on holiday.

There is comprehensive user manual in the motorhome with photos and instructions that covers everything that we have gone through in the handover. In there is also a telephone number you can call if you have any technical question or something has gone wrong. The other main source of help is your neighbours on the campsite! They usually love having the opportunity to share with you their 32 years of motorhoming experience. If in doubt, please call us. No matter the time of day, we are here to help you get the best out of your motorhome adventure.

Returning the motorhome to us

What time do I need to be back?

Similar to our collection times, we like to discuss with you the best time to return your motorhome. We will try to fit the time into your holiday plans as much as possible. During bank holidays and school summer holidays we request a Friday morning return. This is based on a week’s hire when the motorhome was picked up the pervious Friday. There is some flexibility depending on availability. Through the rest of the year we can facilitate more flexibility with returns on Sunday afternoon before 6pm (later than 6pm is subject to a fee) or Monday mornings before 10am.

When I return the motorhome do we need to fill up with diesel?

Yes please! We give you the motorhome with a full tank of diesel and we ask you return it full. If you’re unable to do this, we’ll need to make a charge for filling up and for the fuel.

How much do I need to clean the motorhome?

We don’t expect you to clean your hire motorhome to the exceptional showroom condition that it was given to you in. However, we do ask you to clean as much as you can using the cleaning products we provide to you for your hire. This includes jay cloths, antibacterial spray, washing up liquid and a dust pan and brush. We also ask you to empty and and re-prep the toilet cassette, which we will have shown you how to do in your collection handover. Once the motorhome is returned to us, our team will get the is back to that shiny showroom condition ready for the next holiday.

Motorhome hire cost

Our Motorhome hire cost is based on one philosophy: affordable motorhome hire for everyone. Instead of pricing by the size of a motorhome, our pricing structure is based on what we call “classes”. For example, in our entry-level class, Comfort, we have motorhomes that range from 2-berth up to 7-berth – all for the same daily cost. Why do we do this? It’s simple. Bigger families and groups don’t have to pay more for their motorhome hire. We hate the idea that just because a customer wants to experience their holiday away with more people, or they have a bigger family, that they can’t afford the motorhome adventure they dream of. It also means that those who are after a bit of luxury for their trip can find it in abundance in our LuxuryPLUS and Prestige ranges of motorhomes. Within each class, prices then depend on what time of year you would like to go away. With low season motorhome hire costs being the lowest price, through mid-season and then high-season. Christmas and New-Year have a separate daily cost and we also have a fixed rate for those looking to hire a motorhome for Glastonbury Festival

Motorhome hire deposits

What is the booking deposit?

To secure your dates in your chosen motorhome, you will need to pay a booking deposit. This motorhome deposit is 25% of your total hire cost and is non-refundable.

What is the security deposit?

Upon collection, we charge a £1000 security deposit to a debit or credit card. This is the insurance excess and is refunded to you upon safe return of the motorhome.
You may wish to protect yourself in the event of a 3rd party Road Traffic Collision by reducing this excess to just £350. This is known as a Collision Damage Waiver or CDW. If you have a collision which involves a 3rd party the excess is only £350 if the CDW is taken. The CDW also covers any damage to windscreen and tyres. Please note that if you have an accident (reverse into a tree) and no 3rd party is involved or you were to spill ink on the furniture, the £1000 excess still applies.
The cost of the CDW is £199 per hire.

When do I get my security deposit back?

Upon the safe return of the motorhome, and assuming all the contents are still in place and the vehicle is clean and undamaged. If all is in order, your deposit will be returned within 7 days. It may take a few days to reach your bank, but we’ll email you once the deposit has been refunded.

Choosing a motorhome for hire

What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

It’s not cut and dried as the two terms have become interchangeable over time, but essentially it’s about size. Campervans tend to be smaller, are often van conversions, don’t usually have a divide between the cab and habitation area and have basic facilities for sleeping, cooking and washing. Motorhomes tend to be bigger, usually built on a chassis, designed as a self-contained living/travel vehicle, often have a divide between cab and habitation area and tend to have better facilities including toilet and shower.

Berths vs belts

It is often the case that motorhomes can sleep more people than they have seatbelts for. This is all about the layout. i.e. we have motorhomes we refer to as 5 berth motorhomes but can sleep 6 people. We ALWAYS tie the berth number with the number of travelling seats. It is illegal to travel in a motorhome seated sideways or in an unbelted seat.

Which berth model should I choose?

When we say ‘berths’ we mean number of seatbelts. Some of our 5 berth motorhomes will sleep 6 people. If you are a party of four, you may be fine with a 4 berth which would often have 2 double beds. However, you might want to consider a larger motorhome with more space. Please consider the ages of children in your party and required sleeping arrangements – e.g. will you be sharing double beds or are single beds a requirement? This will determine the layout you require and the berth of the motorhome. It’s all about choosing the right layout and sleeping arrangements for your trip; i.e a double bed for mum and dad and separate beds for your 2 teenagers. This would probably mean a 5 or 6 berth motorhome for a family of 4.

What interior layout do you recommend?

There are many types of layout available in motorhomes. Our hire motorhomes have seat belts to match the number of berths we advertise, but they might be able to sleep more people. As an example a 4 berth, 4 belted motorhome might have 3 double beds and therefore able to sleep the occupants in 3 separate double beds. We would not describe this motorhome as a 6 berth motorhome as it would only have 4 seatbelts and only 4 people can travel. You’ll need to consider the age of any passengers travelling in the back and whether they require car seats. Again, please call us for more advice.

How high and wide is the motorhome?

The height, width and length of the motorhome you book will be communicated on confirmation. This means you can make any ferry bookings or check restrictions early. We also state the measurements of the motorhome on each listing on our website.

Motorhome drivers and insurance

Can anyone drive your motorhomes?

Yes, providing they have held a full UK driving licence for 2 years and meet our insurance criteria (between 25 years – 79 years and 364 days of age, to be precise). Your 71th birthday is our insurer’s cut-off date. However, we CAN approach our insurers with some simple information from you request they insure you, so please get in touch if you are 71 or more and would like to hire.

May I add additional drivers?

Yes. We require ID and have the same set of questions for them as for other motorhome drivers and they MUST sign and return the hire agreement too in order to be covered by our insurance. There is a daily cost for additional drivers. Please ask for details. No one else may drive the motorhome without our prior permission. In the event of an emergency we can facilitate short notice additional drivers with insurer’s permission.

What ID do you require?

We need the following for all motorhome drivers:
  • Photo licence ID (Copy of paper licence if pre-1997 pass)
  • Passport
  • Utility bill
  • Online DVLA licence check for UK drivers.

I have a criminal record. Can I still hire?

You must disclose all current criminal convictions in order for your insurance to be valid. We can present the facts of any criminal record (past or pending) to our insurers for consideration, along with your driving history and current licence status. However, it is still possible you will be able to hire and drive a motorhome with certain criminal convictions.

I have diabetes. What is the impact?

We require you to declare any mental or physical condition, heart condition, seizures or diabetes. We then inform our insurers who make the decision. The general rule of thumb is that if your condition requires you to inform DVLA and they allow you to drive, our insurers will probably do the same.

Can I buy an insurance policy for the excess?

An insurance excess applies of £1000. You may wish to protect yourself in the event of a 3rd party Road Traffic Collision by reducing this excess to just £350. This is known as a Collision Damage Waiver or CDW. If you have a collision which involves a 3rd party the excess is only £350 if the CDW is taken. The CDW also covers any damage to windscreen and tyres. Please note that if you have an accident (reverse into a tree) and no 3rd party is involved or you were to spill ink on the furniture, the £1000 excess still applies. The cost of the CDW is £199 per hire.

Licenses for Motorhomes

What driving licence do I need to drive a hire motorhome?

All hire drivers require a full UK driving licence that is clean and been held for 2 years to drive a motorhome. We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.

Do I need a C1 licence?

To drive a motorhome over 3500kg you do need a C1 licence. However, the vast majority of our motorhomes can be driven on a standard car licence. You do not need a C1 entitlement. Please ask for clarification at time of enquiry.

I don’t have a driving licence photo-card, is this a problem?

If you passed your driving test before 1997 it is possible that you have only a paper driving licence. This is still a valid form of ID but we will require a form of official photo ID, too. This could be your passport. If you passed your test after 1997, your paper licence is no longer valid and you should apply for a photo-card licence.

I have a non-UK foreign driving licence, is this okay?

Yes. We will need a copy plus an additional form of photo ID, such as your passport and a form of address ID, such as a utility bill. Please note that an increase in insurance excess applies to some non-EU countries.

I have some points on my licence. Is this a problem?

You may still be able to hire a motorhome with points on your license. Let us know the details and we can advise. There are certain endorsements that our insurers will not cover – particularly drink driving.

How to download your licence from the DVLA

What driving licence do I need to drive a hire motorhome?

All hire drivers require a full UK driving licence that is clean and been held for 2 years to drive a motorhome. We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.

Watch the video tutorial below on how to download your driver’s license from the DVLA website

What you need to do

Click to visit You will need your driving licence number, NI number and current home post code. Click ‘START NOW’ Enter the details as indicated Tick the ‘I agree’ box and click ‘View Now’ The next page takes you to ‘Your Details’ and shows you your home address registered with DVLA. You can also view your entitlements to drive etc. Next, click on the far right tab named ‘Get your check code. Click the green button ‘Get a code’ This will generate a 8 digit code but we do not require this. Instead, click the link under the unique share code labelled ‘Print or save a driving summary’ This will then prompt you to download and save the pdf of your licence. Upload this PDF to our ID checking system and we’ll do the rest. Simple.

Travelling abroad in a motorhome

May I take the motorhome abroad?

Of course! Motorhomes are made for travelling far and wide. You will need to let us know when booking if you’re thinking of travelling abroad in the motorhome as there is a small charge per week for European insurance and breakdown cover. We DO need to know when you book so we can prepare your documentation. Travelling around England, Scotland and Wales is straightforward, but please note that our insurers consider Northern Ireland as outside of the UK.

What do I need to do to take the motorhome onto a ferry?

As well as the documentation of your European insurance and breakdown cover, you will also need some extra information to take the motorhome onto a ferry. This includes the length of the motorhome and the registration. We will issue these details at the time of booking.

Taking pets away in a motorhome

Can I take my dog with me?

Sadly at the moment we do not have any motorhomes that cater for dogs but this is something we are definitely looking to accomadate in the future.

Do you allow other pets in the motorhomes?

Sadly this policy covers for all pets big or small and we are unable to allow them in the vans.

Motorhome hire cancellation policy

  1. All hire cancellations must be in writing to DJ Motorhome Hire, but please call immediately to inform us.
  2. All deposits paid are non-refundable. All monies due and received within 3 weeks of the commencement of hire are non-refundable and you are still liable for any sums not yet paid.
  3. If you cancel with more than 3 weeks notice then the hire cost will be refunded less the deposit paid.
  4. No shows will forfeit the entire hire charge.
  5. DJ Motorhome Hire reserves the right to cancel hire if at the commencement of hire the driver/s licenses are invalid or not according to the conditions set out. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited. Hirers are strongly advised to insure against unavoidable cancellation.


If you wish to cancel 3 weeks or more before your hire and after all your balance has been paid, then half of your 75% hire cost (the full balance minus 25% non-refundable booking fee) is refundable.


We do have motorhome hire vouchers available if you still wish to hire but at a different date.
In terms of ability, if you can drive a car then you can most likely drive a motorhome too. Many of our customers comment on how easy, and even enjoyable, they are to drive around. However, due to insurance there are a few specifications and requirements to keep in mind when considering who can drive a motorhome.

Licenses to drive a motorhome

All hire drivers require a full UK driving licence that is clean and has been held for 2 years. We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.
You may hear about another type of license, called a C1 license. This is a requirement if you are driving a motorhome or vehicle over 3500kg.
As all of our motorhomes are under 3500kg, you do not need a C1 license to drive them.

Insurance Ages

Currently, to drive our motorhomes you must be between 25 and 71 years of age (25 years old – 70 years and 364 days old, to be precise). Your 71th birthday is our insurer’s cut-off date.
However, we CAN approach our insurers about individual cases and, with some of your information, request they insure you. Please get in touch if you are 71 or older and would like to hire, as it may still be possible.

Additional Drivers

Although one driver is covered for your trip, you can also add additional drivers for a fee of £42 per hire. We require the same information as for the first driver and they MUST sign and return the hire agreement as well in order to be covered by our insurance.
No one else may drive a motorhome without our prior permission.
In the event of an emergency we can facilitate short notice additional drivers with insurer’s permission.


If you’ve never used one before, we know it can seem quite daunting trying to choose a motorhome that’s best for you. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to compare models online, with our listings page and icons of whats included with each motorhome.
To choose a motorhome that suits your needs, here are the few key points to consider.

How many people are going away

To put it simply, the more people that are going away in the motorhome, the bigger the berth you’ll need. The berth of a motorhome is determined by the number of seatbelts. For example, a motorhome with four seatbelts is listed as a four-berth motorhome.
Many of our motorhomes will have room to sleep more people than the berth it is listed as. Our four-berth motorhome (with four seatbelts) might actually be able to sleep 5 people in. We base the berth on seatbelts, rather than beds, as all passengers are legally required to wear a seatbelt whilst travelling.

Your preferred sleeping arrangement

We have a variety of layouts throughout our fleet of motorhomes, with various combinations of double and single beds. It is good to think about where you would all like to sleep during the trip and this should help you when choosing a motorhome.
Would your teenager be happy to bunk up in a double bed with their younger sibling? Maybe bunk beds or separate single beds is a better option. Would you prefer not to have to pack away your bedding each day? Choose a motorhome with a fixed bed. Do you have mobility issues that require a low bed? A french bed model might be the best option.

The journey and destination

We’re not just being nosy here, honest. Where you’re going might impact what kind of motorhome you’d like to hire. For example, if you’re planning a road-trip to Cornwall you will likely venture down a lot of narrow, winding lanes. So, we’ll make sure you have a compact motorhome that will whiz around those bends with ease.

There aren’t many limits to where you can go in a motorhome in general. With our insurance, you can travel anywhere you like within Western Europe. The key thing is to be realistic about how far you want to drive during your trip. Spending five or six hours every day on the motorway is not necessarily the most relaxing holiday. We believe motorhomes are designed for driving somewhere, spending a couple of days there to enjoy the scenery, then moving on again. Here are the main things to consider when you’re deciding where to go on your motorhome holiday.

Mileage limit
There are no mileage limits for our motorhome hire. Although, we do ask where you are planning to go for our own records and security.


You can travel abroad anywhere in Western Europe on our policy. This means you cannot go to North Africa, Eastern Europe or beyond whilst using one of our motorhomes. There is an extra insurance cost of £100 per week if you are travelling abroad in Europe. It is important to remember that Northern Ireland counts as abroad, too. If you have any questions about whether your travel plans are covered or not, then please ask. We are very happy to have a conversation with the insurance company to get a definitive answer.
Fuel Consumption and Planning
Motorhomes are large vehicles that can be surprisingly economical on motorways. Providing they are not trying to keep up with vehicles in the overtaking lanes, you should get high 20s or even 30 miles/gallon. Fuel economy drops dramatically as speed rises. Allowing for some slower roads to get to the faster ones, then you should be planning on a 45-50 mph average when you are travelling. This means that a sensible day’s distance would be anywhere from 250 to 350 miles. When considering where to go on your motorhome holiday, you also need to look at how many days you want at your final destination. There might not be any point in travelling 1000 miles to your destination and 1000 miles home in a week because it would only leave you 24-48 hours to enjoy where you have travelled to! The key here is sensible planning. Allow time for stops and food breaks and make sure you have some options about where you are going to stay overnight. You can do the length of France in a day (as we have), but would you want to?

Wherever you decide to go in a motorhome, there is a huge area for you to explore and enjoy, and we are very happy to help with planning to see if what you want to do is possible!

Most of our customer go away for a weekend, a week or two and some for a month. These timings are no problem and you just need to enquire about your dates through the website. Our mission is to give you a motorhome experience that you’ll never forget, so whatever your dreams are and however long you want to hire a motorhome for, we will work to make it a reality for you.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, three days. Even if you require a motorhome for just one night, the 3-day charge still applies. Our weekend rate is based on 3 days. Typically, you’ll pick up on Friday afternoon and return either Sunday or before 10am on Monday. If you want to extend this period, additional day charges apply.
During the school summer holidays we stipulate a minimum 7-day hire with collection on a Friday. However, we can be very flexible with this so don’t hesitate to ask! This tends to be around June, when we are busy and have smaller gaps between longer hires. So, if you are flexible and can book late, then please do get in touch.

Short-term motorhome hire

It’s possible to hire a motorhome for just a few days at a time if the dates are available. For these short-term hires a minimum hire charge will apply. The limit and pricing of this charge depends on which motorhome you would like and what time of year you’re hoping to go.
All information about minimum hire charges can be found on our pricing page.

Long-term motorhome hire

Looking to go on a motorhome road-trip through Europe? Do it! We welcome all your adventurous plans and will work to make them possible. Any hires longer than 28 days will need to be worked out with our team, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We always advise to book your motorhome holiday as far in advance as possible. The further ahead you book, the more chance of getting your chosen motorhome for the dates you want! Usually, our customers book at least 3 months, meaning there is plenty of time to organise their hire and their holiday.


Last minute motorhome hire

Although we recommend planning in advance, we also welcome last minute bookings too! Often we have small gaps in our diary between hires and we’d always rather see our motorhomes taking you out on an adventure than sitting alone on site. So if you’re looking to getaway last minute weekend trip, it’s always worth getting in touch. We will always try to help you holiday wherever we can.

We are seeing a trend for booking later and later towards departure date (we’ve even had calls wanting to go away the same day). And while we’d always rather see people out in our motorhomes having an adventure, we do really need just a few days notice to get the motorhome ready for your departure, process the deposit, and check your documentation and details.

Booking for festivals and events

There are key times of year when availability is short. These include Glastonbury Festival, British Grand Prix, late May Bank Holiday (this falls in school half term break) and the first few weeks of the summer holidays.
We always advise contacting us as early as you can to book your motorhome hire during those times of year. Sometimes we are fully booked a year in advance of these events.

We also experience an increase of enquiries coming in on Boxing Day and in early January, when people start looking ahead to the new year and planning their holidays (who doesn’t need a bit of sunshine daydreaming in the depths of winter?). So keep in mind that we may take a little longer to get back to you during this time.


Yes! You absolutely can take a motorhome to a music festival or a sporting event. Motorhomes are ideally suited to going to this type of outdoor event.
Being situated so close to the town, we are first port of call for those attending Glastonbury Festival who want the luxury of a motorhome.


What’s the benefit of staying in a motorhome at a festival or event?

The most important thing? With the motorhome’s built in fridge, you’re sure to keep your beer cold for the entire duration of the event.
All our motorhomes offer a completely self-contained living space and carry everything you need to be comfortable, warm and dry at a festival. This is especially important for our British Summers. You’ll feel refreshed each morning having had a dry bed to fall in to at the end of a long day on your feet. You also get all the home comforts of central heating to keep you cosy, fresh water to keep you clean and USB sockets to keep you connected.
You can also take everything you need with you without having to worry about carrying it for miles to your pitch site: chairs, clothes, wellies, blankets and the all-important bacon, eggs and sausages for your breakfast butties.
Lastly, you can ask any festival-goer, the benefits of having your own toilet at a large event are not to be underestimated. Once you’ve used a motorhome at a music festival, you’ll never go back to a tent!

What should I do first: book my motorhome or buy my ticket?

For popular events, like Glastonbury Festival, we recommend that you enquire with us as soon as you have the idea of going. We’ve sometimes been fully booked a year in advance of the festival, which is before the tickets have even gone on sale! If you book in advance then you can at least rest assured that you have somewhere to sleep each night you’re away.
For Glastonbury Festival, as tickets are harder to get than other events, we also have a 100% refund policy for if you don’t manage to get tickets.

I’ve never used a motorhome before. Do you run through how everything works?
Yes. We suggest you allow up to 90 minutes for a “motorhome handover” at our collection point. We run through all the controls features and facilities as well as take you for a quick test drive, if required, with one of our team. We also provide detailed documentation on how everything works for easy reference during your holiday.

We will soon be adding a full motorhome handover video for you to see here

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