Drivers and insurance

Can anyone drive your motorhomes?

Yes, providing they have held a full UK driving licence for 2 years and meet our insurance criteria (between 25 years – 79 years and 364 days of age, to be precise). Your 71th birthday is our insurer’s cut-off date. However, we CAN approach our insurers with some simple information from you request they insure you, so please get in touch if you are 71 or more and would like to hire

May I add additional drivers?

Yes. We require ID and have the same set of questions for them as for other motorhome drivers and they MUST sign and return the hire agreement too in order to be covered by our insurance. There is a daily cost for additional drivers. Please ask for details. No one else may drive the motorhome without our prior permission. In the event of an emergency we can facilitate short notice additional drivers with insurer’s permission.

What ID do you require?

We need the following for all motorhome drivers:

  • Photo licence ID (Copy of paper licence if pre-1997 pass)
  • Passport
  • Utility bill
  • Online DVLA licence check for UK drivers.

I have a criminal record. Can I still hire?

You must disclose all current criminal convictions in order for your insurance to be valid. We can present the facts of any criminal record (past or pending) to our insurers for consideration, along with your driving history and current licence status. However, it is still possible you will be able to hire and drive a motorhome with certain criminal convictions.

I have diabetes. What is the impact?

We require you to declare any mental or physical condition, heart condition, seizures or diabetes. We then inform our insurers who make the decision. The general rule of thumb is that if your condition requires you to inform DVLA and they allow you to drive, our insurers will probably do the same.

Can I buy an insurance policy for the excess?

An insurance excess applies of £1000. You may wish to protect yourself in the event of a 3rd party Road Traffic Collision by reducing this excess to just £350. This is known as a Collision Damage Waiver or CDW. If you have a collision which involves a 3rd party the excess is only £350 if the CDW is taken. The CDW also covers any damage to windscreen and tyres. Please note that if you have an accident (reverse into a tree) and no 3rd party is involved or you were to spill ink on the furniture, the £1000 excess still applies. The cost of the CDW is £199 per hire.



Coronavirus Updates

The Lastest updates

Our Stoke Golding site has reopened and we have introduced strict measures to ensure the safety of all our clients and staff.

  • Our policy will adapt to the latest government and NHS guidelines

  • Strict social distancing measures are in place and need to be adhered to

  • Hand sanitiser is available at all points of entry and should be used regularly

  • Masks to be worn at all times on the site, whether inside or out.

  • Viewings of the motorhomes are by appointment only – contact us on +441455 560508

  • Once a motorhome is cleaned it will be subjected to anti-viral preparation then sealed shut ready for its next adventure