Choosing your motorhome

What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

It’s not cut and dried as the two terms have become interchangeable over time, but essentially it’s about size. Campervans tend to be smaller, are often van conversions, don’t usually have a divide between the cab and habitation area and have basic facilities for sleeping, cooking and washing. Motorhomes tend to be bigger, usually built on a chassis, designed as a self-contained living/travel vehicle, often have a divide between cab and habitation area and tend to have better facilities including toilet and shower.

Berths vs belts

It is often the case that motorhomes can sleep more people than they have seatbelts for. This is all about the layout. i.e. we have motorhomes we refer to as 5 berth motorhomes but can sleep 6 people. We ALWAYS tie the berth number with the number of travelling seats. It is illegal to travel in a motorhome seated sideways or in an unbelted seat.

Which berth model should I choose?

When we say ‘berths’ we mean number of seatbelts. Some of our 5 berth motorhomes will sleep 6 people. If you are a party of four, you may be fine with a 4 berth which would often have 2 double beds. However, you might want to consider a larger motorhome with more space. Please consider the ages of children in your party and required sleeping arrangements – e.g. will you be sharing double beds or are single beds a requirement? This will determine the layout you require and the berth of the motorhome. It’s all about choosing the right layout and sleeping arrangements for your trip; i.e a double bed for mum and dad and separate beds for your 2 teenagers. This would probably mean a 5 or 6 berth motorhome for a family of 4.

What interior layout do you recommend?

There are many types of layout available in motorhomes. Our hire motorhomes have seat belts to match the number of berths we advertise, but they might be able to sleep more people. As an example a 4 berth, 4 belted motorhome might have 3 double beds and therefore able to sleep the occupants in 3 separate double beds. We would not describe this motorhome as a 6 berth motorhome as it would only have 4 seatbelts and only 4 people can travel. You’ll need to consider the age of any passengers travelling in the back and whether they require car seats. Again, please call us for more advice.


How high and wide is the motorhome?

The height, width and length of the motorhome you book will be communicated on confirmation. This means you can make any ferry bookings or check restrictions early. We also state the measurements of the motorhome on each listing on our website.