Can I go to a festival or sports event?

Yes! Of course you can take our motorhomes to any sporting event or festival of your choosing. A motorhome is an ideal way to experience a festival or sporting event with an extra added level of luxury. Having a motorhome with you at a festival totally revolutionises the festival experience and once you have tried it you will never go back!


Why would I want to stay in a motorhome at a festival?

The warm and cosiness of a motorhome cannot be understated. Having a big, warm bed to return to after hours of exploring, watching and dancing is something not to be missed. With a motorhome you also have lots of storage space to bring all of the things you need such as tables, chairs and anything else that will allow you to have amazing time.

But more importantly than anything else (possibly!) there is a decent sized fridge which will allow you to keep your food fresh and your Sauvignon blanc and Rosé chilled to perfection.


Do I book my ticket or the motorhome first?

For many of the popular events such as Glastonbury or the British Grand Prix we offer a refund should you not get your ticket. Once you have decided you are going we suggest getting in touch and discussing the reservation of you motorhome and we will advise our policy depending on the festival or event you intend to go to.