Arriving at a campsite

If you’ve never been away in a recreational vehicle before, it might be a bit daunting knowing what to do when you arrive at a campsite in a motorhome. 

Here is our step by step guide for you to get set up properly and ready for that first cuppa overlooking the view.

1. Check in to reception

Whether you’ve already booked your pitch or not, the first thing to do once you’ve arrived at a campsite in your motorhome is pop in to reception. You can meet the managers, find out what facilities are available and even get some recommendations of places to visit whilst you’re there.

Most importantly, most campsites have specific pitches for motorhomes and they prefer to know which one you’ll be staying in.

Some campsites have limited opening hours for their reception. If you arrive outside of the opening hours, and you haven’t pre-booked, they may have a sign that tells you to pick a pitch and return during their open hours to pay. 

These campsites trust you to be responsible when choosing a pitch and be respectful of other campers on the site.

2. Park to escape

Don’t park at the bottom of a hill. If it rains, this is where it will get muddiest and you risk possibly getting stuck.
Campsite owners are normally aware of this and they aren’t particularly keen on the idea of lots of people getting stuck on their site. They usually have steps in place to avoid this happening, but it’s important to remember if you’re left to choose your own pitch.

3. Drive forwards or reverse on to the pitch

Although we get asked this quite frequently, it really is entirely up to you. We advise to consider the following:

  • Which side does the habitation/caravan door open?
    We suggest opening out onto the widest part of the pitch. This gives you plenty of space for setting up the breakfast table outside and lounging around without having to walk to the other side of the motorhome.
  • Which side has the best view?
    There’s nothing better than opening up your motorhome door in the morning to overlook a gorgeous sunrise.
  • What is the pitch gradient?
    The motorhome generally sits lower on the front axle, which means it slopes forwards toward the cab when parked. This can be addressed with the levelling ramps we provide, but it helps to take the pitch gradient into account.

4. Level up

We provide levelling ramps with your motorhome hire

5. Hook up

6. Find your water

7. Put the kettle on and relax